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Helpdesk Welcome to the HSE HELPDESK!

The HSE Helpdesk has been set up to help you with any questions and issues you have with regards to Health, Safety & Environment.
What do we want to achieve?

With HSE Helpdesk operating we expect to achieve the following:

  • Provide an effective and efficient communication channel between Corporate HSE Department and its customers and to ensure high quality and timely response to questions.
  • Identify where the main issues are and where information gaps exists.
  • Develop a FAQ (Frequency Asked Questions) facility on the web-site.
  • Develop a tool for continuous monitoring and improvement of HSE information service.
  • Provide an effective efficient and inexpensive training facility for development of PDO/Contractors HSE staff.
What happened with your questions?

  • The question will be saved in the database and forwarded to the relevant HSE specialist.
  • He/she will normally answer the question within 5 working days and this will be stored in the database for future reference.

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