About PDO : Petroleum Development Oman is the foremost exploration and production company in the Sultanate. It accounts for more than 70% of the country's crude-oil production and nearly all of its natural-gas supply. The Company is owned by the Government of Oman (which has a 60% interest), Royal Dutch Shell (which has a 34% interest), Total (which has a 4% interest) and Partex (which has a 2% interest). The first economic find of oil was made in 1962, and the first consignment of oil was exported in 1967. more>>

History of PDO :Oman's growth into a successful oil- and gas-producing nation had humble beginnings � so humble, in fact, that it began with a dud. A geological survey of the country in 1925 found no conclusive evidence of oil. Twelve years later, however, when geologists began intensively searching for oil in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, Oman's Sultan Said bin Taimur granted a 75-year concession to the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC). Pausing only for the Second World War, exploration for oil was underway in Oman. The exploration and production operations were to be run on behalf of the IPC by Petroleum Development (Oman and Dhofar) Ltd.  more>>

PDO'S HSE Policy Our Vision:
To be a centre of HSE & SD excellence that provides professional advice and assurance to enable PDO meet its business objectives. more>>

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