Road Safety

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) looks into what people do, identifies the at-risk behaviors, analyzes why they do it and then comes up with a plan to help change the behavior and reduce the chances of people getting hurt

Behavioral Safety

Enhanced Services support comprises of four teams that provide an extensive range of services in support of Exploration and Production activities in PDO.


Protect the health and safety of the employees of PDO and its contractors and all those affected by our operations; Achieve optimal use of natural resources.

PDO Contractors Manhours

As per contract documents ( C-9, Sect 5) every PDO Contractor shall submit monthly Safety data to the Contract Holder. The data shall be submitted not later than the 5 calendar day of the following month, using the form included in ( PR-1171 Part II – App 4).

This e-system simplifies the reporting system and replaces the form. It will enable:

  • PDO Contractors to submit Safety Data (employee numbers and man-hours and vehicle types, numbers and kilometres) to the Contract Holder for approval
  • Contract Holders to approve or reject the data submitted

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Business Support

  • Al-Kindy, Ayida MSE512
    Business Support
  • BSMTHD006, BSM Building, MAF
  • Email:
  • Phone: (+968) 24675531

Technical Support

    • IT Helpdesk UIIE131X
      IT Helpdesk
    • Computer Building, MAF
    • Email:
    • Phone: +968 24671111